Let's Talk About sugrtracr and a Healthier Lifestyle

What Makes a Healthy Lifestyle?

Have you ever noticed how the good things in life usually come in threes?

Well, a healthy lifestyle is no different. We need a good balance between activity and exercise, proper sleep, and an appropriate diet.

These days smart watches are amazing, enabling insights into our fitness previously only seen in clinical settings.

We can monitor activity and exercise enabling us to track our fitness.

We can monitor our sleep patterns and duration.

But no smart watch is able to inform you about what you should and shouldn't eat, or tell you how different foods can positively or negatively affect your body. If they could, you would be empowered to make better food decisions.

What is sugrtracr?

sugrtracr is the exciting new sensor that measures blood sugar through the skin that is ready to integrate into any smart watch or fitness tracker.

sugrtracr measures blood sugar in a completely different way to any of the existing methods. This means we have no needles, no patches, and no pain!

It was developed out of a serendipitous discovery made by researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK that took a further two years to fully understand the science behind. Fortunately, we have a really capable team of scientists and engineers who were able to take the first concepts through to working prototypes and demonstrate great results.

The IP behind sugrtracr is fully protected, and we are working with some of the UK's top universities while we continue to test with users.

sugrtracr is the easy, non–invasive, and completely pain free way to monitor blood sugar levels that we are developing to be ready for the next generation of smart watches. The sugrtracr sensor will sit on the back of the watch to complement the existing sensors.

These new smart watches will, for the first time, be able to do all day, whole body monitoring of activity and exercise, sleep patterns, and blood sugar levels, giving the wearer insight and understanding of the three parts needed for a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Lifestyle Cycle

When we think about a healthy lifestyle there is a virtuous cycle. It starts with monitoring and tracking, leading to insight and understanding about how the body responds to eating, activity, and sleep – all three parts of a healthy lifestyle.